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What is the Main Thing? The Bible can be summed up in one word, Relationships.

The Bible is all about relationships from the beginning to the end. It starts with a relationship, and it ends with a relationship. Relationships with God and man. The Bible revolves around your relationships with God, yourself, your parents, your spouse, your children, your friends, your enemies, your neighbors, your employers, your employees, your co-workers, your leaders, and authorities.

God Himself is a relationship. The Godhead is not a mono-Being. He is a triune Being. The Almighty God is one God Who expresses Himself in three different Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is not three different gods. He is one God Who expresses Himself in many different ways to give revelations of Himself in every possible way that His people would ever need from Him.

He is the All Sufficient One! The Great I Am! He is all that we could ever dream of a God to be. We don’t need a million different gods. We don’t need to pray to a million different saints. We don’t need to meet a holy man, a guru, a priest, a prophet, a monk, or a theologian. We can know The Almighty for ourselves through His Word and His Spirit. The main thing in life is a perfect relationship with Him.

Pleasure or Pain

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Revelation 4:11 “You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for You have created all things, and for Your pleasure they are and were created.”

This Scripture reveals that the purpose of all creation is to give the Creator pleasure. God not only had pleasure creating all things, but the purpose for creation is His own pleasure. (Proverbs 16:4)

Are you fulfilling your purpose? Is your life giving the Creator pleasure or displeasure?

If you fulfill your purpose and give pleasure to the Creator He will make your life Heaven on Earth, and you will spend eternity in Heaven, which is where God lives. (Deuteronomy 11:21)

If you are not fulfilling your purpose in life, but instead your life is giving Him displeasure He will make your life Hell on Earth, and He will punish the Hell out of you for all eternity! (Revelations 20:11-15)

God does not like pain, He likes pleasure! Don’t you? God created man in His likeness, so that we like pleasure, and we don’t like pain. The Creator is the last Person you want to give displeasure to!

All creation automatically gives pleasure to the Creator, because they were programmed for that purpose, but one creature was made with the same capabilities as the Creator in a limited fashion.

That creature was created superior to all other creatures, because he was made in the image of the Creator. That creature is a sovereign being just like His Creator. No one can make him believe what he doesn’t want to believe. That creature can choose to love the Creator and give Him pleasure or hate the Creator and give Him pain. That creature is man, a child of God, made in the image of God.

Mirror Image

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Now an image is made with the purpose of representing the original. It is a perfect reflection of the original. When you look in a mirror it always reflects a perfect image of what is in front of it. It never reflects something else besides what it in front of it. Therefore the image is relatable to The Original.

Mankind is relatable to God. God deals with man as He deals with Himself and holds him to the same standard that He holds Himself to. God loves His neighbor as Himself. Man was made to be like God.

Since man was made in the image of God what do you think God looks like? Is God a strange force like the movie Star Wars describes? Is God a supernatural power in the Universe that man attracts all he desires from? Is God some weird ghostly vapor that floats around without form? No. God is a Person. He has a personality. He looks exactly like man, or more accurately, we look exactly like Him.

God’s Self-Description

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God gives a description of Himself in the Scriptures, but you have to search for it. God delights in hiding Himself for those that really value Him enough to seek Him. God revealed Himself in the Scriptures with the following characteristics…

First the Bible says “God is a Spirit.” (John 4:24) He may be invisible, but that doesn’t mean He isn’t.

Jesus referred to Him by the personal pronoun “He.” God is a person, a Divine Person! He is not a huge, gigantic, intellectual brain. He is not a great big giant that holds the world between His index finger and His thumb. He is not a seven headed monster with a millions eyes, arms, and legs.

Jesus said, He has a voice, and He has a distinct shape. (John 5:37) If God were to open your spiritual eyes and He walked by in front of you, you would be able to see His shape. If He spoke to you and opened your spiritual ears you would be able to recognize His voice, because He has a distinct and unique voice just like all other “persons” have.

If God created mankind in His own image, and after His own likeness like Genesis 1:26 says do you think He looks different than us? When a woman gives birth to a child does the child come out looking like a house? Does the child come out looking like a car? Does the child come out looking like a bird, a fish, or some other creature? No, the child looks exactly like his or her parents. You can see the resemblance of the parents in the children. They look just like them! Why would God be any different?

The Bible says that He has the appearance of a man in Ezekiel 1:26. He has a head with hair on His head in Daniel 7:9. He has a face in Exodus 33:23. He has eyes in Deuteronomy 11:12. He has a nose in Isaiah 65:5. He has ears in Numbers 11:18. He has a mouth in Isaiah 34:16. He has a waist in Ezekiel 1:27. He has a back in Exodus 33:23. He has arms in Deuteronomy 33:27. He has hands in Psalms 8:6. He has legs in Exodus 17:6, and He has feet in Exodus 24:10.

He walks in Genesis 3:8. He sits on a throne in I Kings 22:19. He has a heart in Genesis 6:6. He has a mind in 1 Samuel 2:35. His has a will to make decisions in Genesis 12:3. He has an imagination in Deuteronomy 31:16. He has a memory to remember with in Genesis 9:15. He experiences joy in Nehemiah 8:10. He experiences grief in Genesis 6:6. He has compassion in Deuteronomy 30:3. He gets angry in Exodus 4:14. He laughs in Psalms 2:4, and He cries in Jeremiah 48:32.

What does that sound like to you? It sounds like God is just like us right? But the reality is we are just like Him! We are exactly like Him! We were perfectly designed to reflect Him and be His children!

Chip Off The Ole Block

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God calls us “gods.” We are little gods just like our Great Awesome Heavenly Father! (Psalm 82:6)

We are a chip off the ole block. We are a “spitting image” of the Original God. He has pleasure in what we are! Give Him pleasure in who you are by your relationship with Him and the way you live.

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    I have no words to describe this wisdom and revelations? It has to come from above!!!!!

  2. Grace and Truth Ministries International - March 17, 2016 at 4:43 pm Reply

    Thank you for the encouragement. It did come from beyond me. Praise God!

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