Investing Time In Prayer

The Praying Mantis is the only creature that is known to only have one ear. It has one single ear located deep within its chest. It detects sounds through its single ear within its chest cavity, rather than on its head like most other creatures. It was once commonly accepted that Praying Mantises were deaf, […]

A Little Elaboration On Prayer

Prayer is simply a form of communication between man and God. It is one of the most important aspects of our relationship with Him, because without communication there is no relationship. It is heart communication whether vocalized internally or externally. However, many people do not have the correct attitude towards prayer because it is a […]

The Father’s Will

God is a Father that desires a personal eternal relationship with His family. In the beginning of creation He established this culture when He came down from Heaven on a daily basis at the end of every day to walk and talk with His son and daughter Adam and Eve. (Genesis 3:8) It was such […]